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'Israel: LGBT center shooting in Tel-Aviv'

'Israel: LGBT center shooting in Tel-Aviv'

by Gilad Lotan

It is becoming ever more evident that Saturday's deadly shooting at a Tel Aviv LGBT center was a product of pure hate. Witnesses claim a gunman wearing black attire began shooting at Cafe Noir killing three people and wounding at least eight more. Two of the dead were identified by Israel Radio as a 17-year-old girl from Holon and a 24-year-old boy from Givatayim.  Police launched a massive manhunt for the perpetrator, but have not found any traces yet.

Assaf Levanon writes in Hebrew:

Ever since the news article on the massacre in the LGBT center in Tel Aviv was published, social networks have been flooded with acts of solidarity towards the victims. Hundreds of users have changed their profile image on facebook and twitter to the pride flag with a black line or memorial candle. Ever since the shooting, Israeli online networks have been continuously discussing the topic, condemning those who deem responsible, particularly Knesset members from the Shas ultra-orthodox party.

During the minutes following the events, twitter users started to display their anger and frustration:
"I want a pride march in Jerusalem that will surround the Knesset and then enter. I want hostages!" - Riki Cohen
"This murder is unacceptable! Stonewall happened in New York 40 years ago! What if some of the injured just came out?" - Dafna Talmon
"My deep sorrow to the kids who need to explain to their parents how they reached the hospital..."

Throughout the night, Israeli users provided their opinions online, reacting to the television coverage:
"a request to the TV broadcasters: please wait with the mobile video until the technology gets better. Blurry and stuck, hurts the eye!" - Edna
"Is there a broadcaster who doesn't slightly pause before saying the words 'homo-lesbian'?

Turns out that Ma'ariv's website NRG does not take part in any type of filtering. Users were horrified by some of the comments which showed up on the news site. One of the offending comments read: "Shooting indiscriminately at the public is dumb, because there's the chance that you murdered a person who is not gay."
"What's happening on NRG is atrocious. It is important to respond to each and every homophobe," - Tzvika Bashor reacted.

After the first updates on this event started coming through, Facebook and Twitter users began expressing their shock and disbelief towards the Israeli mainstream media coverage. "It is unbelievable. An hour after the LGBT community shooting, channel 2's reporter Yoav Even is interviewing Yaniv Vaitzman, and presenting him as 'Ivri Lider's ex-boyfriend'. The blood has not dried, the murderer still free, the horror is still being processed, and the important information that we are getting from channel 2 is that here in front of us Ivri Lider's ex-boyfriend is being interviewed! Amazing how pure entertainment gossip, not connected at all to the shooting, gets mixed in this same report." - Sagi Ben-Nun, Journalist, written on Facebook.

The image above has been used by for many Israeli Facebook and Twitter users for their profile.

And finally, here's the translation of part of Hani Zuvida's written reaction:

I turn to you all educators and parents, we are all part of the same cauldron. This is an intolerable situation. Seems like we have no social convention. Back to natural selection where the strong survive. No, I am not interested in a police state, but our lives and our children's lives are not to be abandoned. Educate your sons and daughters. But most of all start with yourselves. Respect others and do not project hate speech upon any social group. Be tolerant.

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