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Marketing DNA

Do these scenarios sound familiar at your firm when it comes to marketing?

  • Passive-Aggressive (“everyone agrees, smiles, and nods, but nothing changes”): entrenched underground resistance makes getting anything done like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall.
  • Fits-and-Starts (“let 1,000 flowers bloom”): filled with people pulling in different directions.
  • Outgrown (“the good old days meet a brave new world”): reacts slowly to market developments, since it’s too hard to run new ideas up the flagpole.
  • Just-in-Time (“succeeding, but by the skin of our teeth”): can turn on a dime and create real breakthroughs but also tends to burn out its best and brightest.

According to Suzanne Lowe, it may mean that your professionals lack marketing DNA. "Over the past year, I've been struck by the amount of marketing-oriented dysfunction that I continue to see in professional service firms, regardless of professional sector: poor internal marketing communication; diplomatic and political ineptitude regarding garnering leaders' endorsement of marketing strategies; counterproductive and sometimes truly baffling marketing reporting relationships; not implementing client-endorsed differentiation strategies; under-resourced marketing teams; inexperienced marketing partner leadership; and more "ready-fire-aim" marketplace programs than you'd believe," she says.

"Some of my past research findings, and the painful marketing struggles that I've witnessed recently, suggest that for most professional service firms a true Marketing DNA is not a given, and that too little is being done to improve effectiveness in achieving substantive marketplace gains," she says.

I agree with Lowe: "It's clear that many professional firms simply don't have a market-driven DNA; they are undoubtedly driving their CMOs and senior marketing leaders crazy as a result."

What to do? Here's what:

  • Management must issue an edict: we now have a marketing strategy and we expect everyone to play a role in carrying it out.
  • Each lawyer must compose a personal business development plan and file it with the marketing director and firm management.
  • Create a carrot and stick. Every partner should have a certain amount of points at risk in their performance review for completing or failing to complete their personal marketing plan. At least $50,000 in points should be at risk.
  • If the partner fails to complete a marketing plan two years in a row, they should have their pay cut by $100,000, and asked to leave. There's no room for "library lawyers," grinders and minders who expect to inherit clients.
  • Change your recruiting criteria and don't hire lawyers who are non-rainmakers. Give them a personality test to check out their nascent marketing skills. If they have none, don't hire them.

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Write a Book and You Can Charge Higher Fees

WriteabookI just got a copy of RainToday’s most recent study, "The Business Impact of Writing a Book: Data, Analysis, and Lessons from Professional Service Providers Who Have Done It." It covers how publishing a business book affected 200 authors' ability to generate new leads, close deals, charge higher fees, differentiate themselves from competitors, improve their brand, and more.

RainToday found that writing a business book is an incredibly effective way of growing a business. They surveyed the authors of more than 590 business books and published the results in the report. Some interesting results we found include:

  • 96% of authors reported at least some lead generation improvement influenced by publishing a book.
  • 76% indicated publishing a book had at least some influence on their ability to close deals.
  • 83% reported at least some improvement on business with current clients as a result of publishing a book.

The 71-page PDF book sells for $149 in the LawMarketing Store. It includes similar data on the effects on generating speaking engagements, brand improvement, and growing a business. There is also data on how many books these authors sold, whether it was worthwhile to use an agent or PR agency, and more about how publishing a book can impact your business.

For more info on the research, click here.




En 2009 estaría en el aire el primer auto volador del mundo


Fue diseñado por tres jóvenes norteamericanos y registrado por la Oficina Nacional de Patentes. Sería un monoplaza que se desplaza en el aire con una gran capacidad de maniobra. El futuro llegó o al menos está muy cerca


Diseñado por tres jóvenes norteamericanos, el primer auto volador fue registrado por la Oficina Nacional de Patentes de ese país. Asi lo informó recientemente Infobae.com

Ahora sólo resta que la innovación sea sometida al estudio de la Fuerza Aérea para poder ser manufacturado, en 2009.

Los jóvenes ingenieros Carl Dietrich, Samuel Schweighart y Anna Mracek, de 28 y 24 años de edad, diseñaron el auto monoplaza que se desplaza en el aire con una gran capacidad de maniobra.

Si bien aún no fue construido, sus planos fueron estudiados por la oficina encargada de otorgar patentes y los expertos del organismo los aceptaron, argumentando que los cálculos son teóricamente exactos, pero ahora las Fuerzas Armadas deberán pronunciarse al respecto y supervisar la fabricación del prototipo.

El modelo presentaría algunas dificultades de clasificación técnica relacionadas con los radares, pero funcionará como un auto normal, con la salvedad de que un dispositivo lo transformará en avioneta, se elevará entre 3.500 y 8.000 pies y luego descenderá, volviendo a circular normalmente por las calles.

Para el primer modelo, los jóvenes esperan poder convertir su viejo auto Toyota y, por precaución, los tres se recibieron como pilotos, para poder conducirlo con autorización.

Veremos si conduciremos este autovolador prontamente, saludos Rodrigo González Fernández