Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sarah Palin Flips Her Wig And Claims Iran Is Coming to Destroy The US

Sarah Palin Flips Her Wig And Claims Iran Is Coming to Destroy The US

March 24, 2011
By Jason Easley

Sarah Palin sat down with BFF Greta Van Susterin on Fox News to discuss her recent trip to Israel, but things took a turn into the bizarre when Palin claimed that Iran is coming to attack the United States, "Don't think that Ahmadinejad would stop at Israel, they'd be coming in our direction too, so it's in our best interest to protect Israel."

Here is the video from Media Matters:

While trying to criticize Obama's relationship with Israel, Palin showed her depth of understanding about the issue of Israeli settlements in occupied territory when she referred to the settlements as a zoning issue. Palin said, "President Obama was inappropriate to intervene in a zoning issue in Israel though. Let Israel decide their zoning issues themselves."

Just to make clear that this wasn't a slip of the tongue, Palin continued, "Build housing for the Jews in their homeland whether they are going to be allowed to or not, and no President Obama didn't want to see that allowance of the building of the structures. I would have taken an opposite approach, by the way, but Israel concession after concession, and Israel facing threat after threat. They deserve to know that America will be there to help secure."

Dominionists like Sarah Palin believe that all Jews must return and occupy Palestine. According to Theocracy Watch, "In order to fulfill Biblical prophecy, Dispensationalists have been working hard to ensure that the world's Jews return to Israel and occupy all of Palestine," so of course Palin would disagree with Obama on the settlements. She doesn't care about international law or the fact the Israeli settlements have been declared illegal. Palin is set to govern by the Bible not the Constitution

Palin then went all paranoid and claimed that after Iran wipes out Israel they will be coming for the US, "They're being surrounded now on all sides by enemies. They have to worry now about their peace agreements with Jordan and with Egypt, and they need to know that they've got the US, the superpower the leader of the free world, being on their side, knowing they will not be destroyed as Ahmadinejad the leaders in Iran want to see them wiped off the face of the Earth. Don't think that Ahmadinejad would stop at Israel, they'd be coming in our direction too, so it's in our best interest to protect Israel."

The fact that Sarah Palin thinks that the issue of Israeli settlements are a "zoning issue" that is the equivalent of getting a permit to put a new shed up in the backyard, or add a deck to the house should be enough to disqualify her from ever being taken seriously as a political candidate, but when she launched into her belief that Iran coming is to attack the United States, she jumped the fence of sanity and landed straight in a patch of bat s**t crazy.

For all the people who think that Obama is a warmonger for taking part in a UN humanitarian mission in Libya, maybe you better step back and take a look at what aching to replace Obama on the other side. Sarah Palin is willing to use Israel as a pretext to start a war with Iran, even though there is no evidence that Iran is planning or even has the capacity to execute an attack on the United States.

For those of you waiting for Sarah Palin's final fingernail to give way as she teeters off the cliff of sanity, today is your lucky day. Palin has always been small minded, disinterested, petty, vindictive, and paranoid, that was all just part of Sarah's charm, but she gave us a glimpse tonight into what a Palin run White House would look like, and it makes Dick Cheney look like world class diplomat.

Sarah Palin has finally lost it and gone full blown nutter. There really is no other way to describe the notion that Iran is going to wipe Israel off the map, and then set out to destroy the United States. Palin has skipped warmongering and going straight to her theocratic end of days/holy war/vision of how America should be governed.

Palin isn't just a Tina Fey sketch on SNL. She is a dangerous theocrat who would make the Bush administration look like constitutional secularists. As time has gone on Palin has been less able to keep her extremist beliefs covered up.

Many on the right have fantasized about war with Iran, but Sarah Palin is willing to use the Bible to make it real.


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