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LTNY 2008: "B-Discovery"

LTNY 2008: "B-Discovery"

Buying, testing and talking new technology is only half the fun of LegalTech, as most regulars can attest. The other half is networking, which comes in many forms. Monica Bay gives some practical advice in this West videocast. But there's still plenty of time to swap business cards off the show floor using one of our favorite technologies, "B-discovery." As in bar discovery. Mark Reichenbach gives us the lowdown on B-discovery, alongside a few notes on rude New Yorkers, while Chris Dale discovers LegalTech (and a pint of Guinness) can make a Brit feel right at home in the Big Apple.

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LTNY 2008: LegalTech Seminar -- "Authenticating Digital Evidence"

After a brief departure, we're right back on the EDD bandwagon. LTN's newest editor, Katie Montgomery, reports from this morning's seminar, "Authenticating Digital Evidence," presented by Neil Aresty and Jason Velasco, both of Merrill Legal Solutions; Michael Arkfeld, of Arkfeld and Associates; Paul W. Grimm, Chief Magistrate Judge of the U.S. District Court in Maryland; George Paul, a partner at Lewis & Roca in Phoenix and chair of the firm's E-Discovery and Data Management Group; and Leslie Wharton of Arnold & Porter

Because digital data (and its metadata) can be tampered with, providing reasonable proof that a document can be authenticated rests on more traditional witnesses and circumstances as well as with the IT experts (Paul Grimm has written a book on it). Leslie Wharton noted that "the threshold for establishing authenticity is very low"--a witness noting that they recall sending or receiving an email is often sufficient.  Still, you don't want to get caught out when it's crucial that you be able to make your case, so don't discount metadata as an important way to support the veracity of a file. 

Of course, you've still got to make sure no one has messed with your metadata.

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LTNY 2008: Tired of EDD? Try Intrasocial Networking

Ross Ipsa Loquitor's Ross Kodner is tired of e-discovery-all-the-time, and he's not alone

It's probably not particularly hip to say this, but I'm really tired of all the emphasis on the ED topic - all ED, all the time. It just sucks the oxygen out of so many other important legal technology topics. Many lawyers just don't deal with it (maybe they should, but in mainstream legal America, especially in smaller firms who still do represent the largest base of legal population, it's just not in the center of people's radar screens).

In spite of his choice of acronym for electronic discovery (there's a reason  we throw in that otherwise superfluous "D" for data to make it "EDD"), Kodner makes a good point: There are other topics in legal technology that are just as important -- or more so -- for most lawyers. So what got Ross most excited at the show yesterday? "Of all companies, it was Microsoft."

I sat in on a Microsoft session entitled, "SharePoint 2007 for Service Delivery and Handshake Software's DM Director." Now, I'm as intrigued by the SharePoint concept as the next legal techie. I know it's probably important, but not entirely sure of exactly what it is, does, who would want it, etc. Well, I'm no longer in the dark and I'm ready to drink the SharePoint Kool-Aid from the nearest fire-hose. What I saw in that 45 minutes this afternoon was nothing short of a freaking complete revolution in the way law practices can be electronically managed. Pardon the hyperbole, but I really mean it. Gad.

Kodner's buzz-phrase for 2008: "intrasocial networking." He has seen the future, "powered by very clever people at Microsoft" -- a company once known for being utterly clueless about the legal market. Who knew?

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LTNY 2008: Day One Reports

Law.com technology editor Sean Doherty has his first report online now. It's no surprise, but e-discovery took center stage.

Ltnyallman_003_2EDD consultant and former Mayer Brown counsel Thomas Allman (left) kicked off the show discussing rule-making and best practices in e-discovery. EDD is "exploding in direct proportion to the amount of electronically stored information available in litigation -- and is being fueled by the tremendous growth of e-mail as a business record," Doherty writes. The buzzwords for 2008 are already in: "collaboration" and "proportionality.'" Doherty also managed to get onto the show floor to meet with EDD vendors, and even a few non-EDD tech companies (they are in fact out there).

Make sure to check EDD Update, Law Technology News and Information Governance Engagement Area for the latest news on the flood of new product announcements, legal tech company mergers and show reports coming out of the Hilton. 

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