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Tom Peters Times - March 2008

March Is Women's History Month

In honor of Women's History Month, tompeters!company announces a groundbreaking study of how women leaders affect their business cultures.

In 2001, Tom wrote the pamphlet "Women Roar," a brief treatise in which he argues passionately that "women's leadership skills and market power are the most important forces reshaping the economy." And, in our client work, we find that many corporate leaders are experiencing volatile external disruptions: intensified competition, escalating customer expectations, unexpected market shifts, regulatory constraints, and globalization. These forces require them to shift their strategies and create operational changes. They are mystified that they cannot redirect "the way their people do things," and they admit that changing their culture is their most difficult challenge.

TPC wanted a fresh point of view on that "soft stuff" called culture. With KPMG as the exclusive underwriter, this Women's Culture Study is the first of its kind to measure cultures in women-led organizations. We use a statistically validated measurement tool to collect objective employee data. Participants are women and men employees at all levels within the participating organizations, and participation is by choice. Phase one of the study is ongoing. In phase two, the women-led organizations will be matched to a representative sample of men-led enterprises in similar industries and of similar size.

Our findings to date? Collaboration is a strong characteristic of women-led companies, even more so when they are women-owned. In both, collaboration is highly valued, but so is individual contribution. Stay tuned.

Juli Ann Reynolds
President and CEO

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The 500 True Believers, Dodger the Dog, and the Beantown Cabbie

The deal is, we've been told, that CEO pay is so high because demand for the 9-sigma talent of these Water Walking Wonders, so very beyond your and my shriveled imaginations, wildly exceeds supply when it comes to the 500 jobs as Fortune 500 CEOs. I contend that there are exactly 500 Guys (almost all guys, hence I can safely use the term) who believe that line of reasoning - namely the 500 CEOs of the F500 companies. (I guess I could also throw in the heads of the biggest search firms, who unearthed many of these so-far-beyond-the-pale dudes, which perhaps puts the total at 505 True Believers.) Read more ...

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Brand You Workshop

Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business, Department of Executive Education and tompeters!company are cosponsoring a Brand You: Inspired Performance workshop in Dallas, March 31st, 2008. At the event, we'll be sharing the increasingly essential principles behind Brand You. In an era when the war for talent is heating up, becoming a Brand You should be a key part of every worker's strategy, for establishing their own personal strengths or aligning their values to those of the organization.

Sign up now for Dallas! You can go to the Cox School of Business website for registration: cox.smu.edu.

For further information about Brand You or bringing a Brand You workshop to your city, call 617-242-5522 in the U.S. or email info@tompeters.com. We would welcome the opportunity to make your location another stop on our tour.

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Cool Friend: Dan Roam

Our new Cool Friend Dan Roam helps business executives solve complex problems through visual thinking. He is the founder and president of Digital Roam Inc. and the author of The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures. Read his interview and learn about his presentation to McKinsey & Co. using Legos!

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