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What Law Professor Blogs Are NotOur blogs are not a collection of personal ruminations about the Presidential campaign, the war in Iraq, or what the editor had for dinner last night. Neither do our editors offer their personal views on every policy issue in the news or every new court decision. We leave that terrain to the many existing blogs with that mission. Instead, our editors focus their efforts, in both the permanent resources & links and daily news & information, on the scholarly and teaching needs of law professors. Our hope is that law professors will visit the Law Professor Blog in their area (or areas) as part of their daily routine.
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ABA Committee on Res

ABA Committee on Research About the Future of the Legal Profession
Final Report: Overview
The Committee on Research About the Future of the Legal Profession, chaired by Robert J. Grey Jr. of Richmond, Va., spent the past two years working on issues related to the future of the legal profession.&nbps; During FY2000-2001, the Committee focused its efforts on developing a report on the current state of the profession to serve as a platform to examine the challenges and opportunities of change and how the legal profession can and should define its own future.  The Committee issued an interim report in 2001.
In its second year, the Committee worked with legal futurist Stuart A. Forsyth to envision the preferred future of the legal profession and to determine action steps that would foster that future.  That report was presented to the ABA Board of Governors at its August meeting in Washington, D.C. The 2002 report consists of the following components:
  1. Overview (this document)

  2. Diary of the Last Lawyer (alternative future scenario) in both text and audio Read the Diary | Listen to the Diary (Requires free RealAudio player)

  3. ABA Journal eReports from the future •   September 27, 2016 (603K; (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)) •   October 4, 2016 (614K; (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)) •   October 11, 2016 (623K; (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader))

  4. Interview with U.S. President in 2016 (preferred future scenario) (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  5. Action steps in both text and slides Action Steps in Adobe Acrobat PDF (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader) | Action Steps slides (HTML format)

  6. Committee process (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  7. Committee members, consultant and staff
More information: http://www.abanet.org/lawfutures/report2002/
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Harris In The Clear?
Although public polls continue to show her as a clear underdog versus Sen. Bill Nelson and her fund-raising has been below par, Katherine Harris may still find herself without a Republican challenger as she seeks her party nomination for the 2006 Senate race.The National Republican Senatorial Committee isn't coming out strong behind her yet, but this week a spokesman for the group told me there is no active recruitment effort going on right now, despite a political buzz that says there is another push to get Florida House Speaker Allan Bense into the race. Last night on WEDU's Florida This Week, I was on with a group of political insiders in Tampa whom all assumed Harris would become the party's nominee. The bottom line, according to Republican watchers, is that no one is confident they can beat Harris without spending a ton of money. If they succeeded they'd be low on cash heading into a battle with Nelson, who already has about $7 million in the bank and is sure to have a lot more by the time a Republican primary battle would end in early September. The prospects of trying to beat a sitting incumbent with just about two months of campaign time after a possibly vicious and expensive primary doesn't appeal to many seasoned political watchers.If Harris posts a big fund-raising total at the end of this month, she'll go a long way in further shutting down talk of a primary battle. A $2 million total would certainly do it, according to most observers. If she posts less than $1 million, Harris will find a new push to get her out of the race. The importance of the money, and the message it can send is clearly not lost on Harris. She's aggressively raising money. She's had at least a pair of fund-raising events this week, and isn't expected to slow her pace. She has another event she's lining up in Tallahassee this week coming up. Plus, she tells the Insider that both Mel Martinez and Jeb Bush are going to come on board soon. Neither has said so publicly, but Harris said both have agreed to help her raise cash.Bottom line? It's crunch time for Harris.

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