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LAWYERSCHILE: GARY HAMEL Listen to Gary Hamel Explains What Fuels Long Term Growth

Listen to Gary Hamel Explains What Fuels Long Term Growth; Hear How to Negotiate When Yes is Not Enough with Danny Ertel & Mark Gordon

Gildan audio, a division of Gildan Media, today announces the release of three new audio book bestsellers.

"The Future of Management" written Gary Hamel with Bill Breen and read by Gary Hamel: What really fuels long-term business success?

Not operational excellence or new business models, but management innovation–new ways of mobilizing talent, allocating resources, and building strategies. Over the past century, breakthroughs in the "technology of management" have enabled a few companies–including General Electric, Procter and Gamble, Toyota, and Visa–to cross new performance thresholds and build long-term advantages. Yet most companies lack a disciplined process for radical management innovation.

Future of Management

Gary Hamel argues that organizations need bold management innovation now more than ever. The current management model–centered on control and efficiency–no longer suffices in a world where adaptability and creativity drive business success. In his most provocative book to date, Hamel takes aim at the legacy beliefs preventing twenty-first-century companies from surmounting new challenges. With incise analysis and vivid illustrations, he explains how to turn your company into a serial management innovator and reveals:

The make-or-break challenges that will determine competitive success in an age of head-snapping change

The toxic effects of our legacy management beliefs

The unconventional management practices generating breakthrough results in a handful of pioneering organizations

The new principles every company must weave into its management DNA

The Web's potential to obliterate smokestack management practices

The actions your company can take now to build its own management advantage

Get ready to throw off the shackles of yesterday's management dogma. Tomorrow's winners will be those companies that start inventing the future of management today.

"With great style and flair, this audio book will open your eyes, rewire your thinking, and reset your aspirations for what you and your organization can achieve. Business's most provocative thinker has written his most thought-provoking book yet," says Eric Beinhocker, author of "The Origin of Wealth". ISBN# 1-59659-161-7, 7 CDs- Approx 8 Hours; $29.98.

"Becoming a Resonant Leader" by Annie McKee, Richard E. Boyatzis and Fran Johnston: A powerful case has been made for emotional intelligence and its role in leadership. As Annie McKee and Richard Boyatzis showed in their bestselling books, "Primal Leadership" and "Resonant Leadership", the best leaders use their emotional intelligence to create resonance with others.

Resonant leaders are attuned to the needs and dreams of the people they lead. They create conditions in which people can excel. They listen to life's wake-up calls and enhance their capacity for excellence.

In "Becoming a Resonant Leader" the authors provide a clear process and a wealth of exercises to help you develop your emotional intelligence and sustain resonance in your relationships. Reflecting twenty years of research and work with executives, the exercises in this practical audio resource help you:

Develop your emotional intelligence

Create a vision of your ideal self and desired future

Articulate your strengths and values

Craft a plan for intentional change

Build resonance with your team, organization and community

"I'm often asked how a person can enhance the emotional intelligence-based competencies that distinguish star performers and leaders. Now there's an answer: 'Becoming a Resonant Leader' lays out the practical, tested steps so anyone can benefit," says Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence. ISBN# 1-59659-165-x 5 CDs-Approx 5 1/2 Hours; $29.98.

"The Point of the Deal: How to Negotiate When Yes is Not Enough" by Danny Ertel and Mark Gordon: Why do so many deals that look good on paper end up in tatters? Deal makers often treat the handshake or signed contract–getting to "yes"–as the final destination in their bargaining journey rather than the start of a cooperative venture.

Even worse, most companies reward negotiators on the basis of the number and size of the deals they're signing, giving them no incentive to negotiate deals that actually work.

In The Point of the Deal, Danny Ertel and Mark Gordon explain how to transition from a deal-maker mentality (focusing on making the agreement) to an implementation mind-set (ensuring the deal generates value for your company after the ink on the contract has dried. The authors show you to:

Treat the deal as a means, not an end, by asking what you need from your counterpart over and above a "yes."

Consult stakeholders, determining whom you'll need to get to "yes" and beyond

Set precedents that will help guide joint behavior after you've signed the deal

Air your concerns–in ways that still get you to "yes" and beyond

Help your counterparts avoid over committing–maximizing the likelihood they'll be able to deliver on their part of the bargain

Run past the finish line–by articulating how you'll get from "yes" to your final destination

With a wealth of examples from multiple industries, countries, and functions, the authors illustrate how their approach to instilling an implementation mind-set works in all kinds of familiar contexts for business deals–including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances, outsourcing arrangements, and customer and supplier relationships.

"The Point of the Deal" not only offers crucial advice for individual negotiators and teams, it also enables managers to treat negotiation as a critical business process that drives real value for their organizations.

"In this important and refreshing audio book, Ertel and Gordon remind us all: in every negotiation, know your purpose and don't forget it," says Roger Fisher, Coauthor of "Getting to Yes". ISBN# 1-59659-168-4, 7 CDs-Approx 8 Hours; $29.98.

Gildan Audio is a division of Gildan Media Corporation, a multimedia publisher of audio books and books. Gildan Audio titles are distributed to the trade by Hachette Book Group USA. Please visit www.GildanMedia.com.

Gildan Media is also offering this month at www.audible.com: the acclaimed Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff and read by Josh Bernoff and Crunch by Jared Bernstein. Look for the following latest new release on CDs: Big Think Strategy by Bern H Schmitt at your favorite bookstore, B&N, Borders or on-line at Amazon.

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